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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Venue

  Choosing your wedding venue might seem very easy from an outside perspective. Really, it necessitates some serious planning! You don’t want to choose a venue the size of your back garden and have invited over 200 guests to your wedding for example! To avoid similar awkwardness that could ruin your best day, you need to follow a few guidelines.   Choosing Your Wedding Venue     First of all, you need to know your guest list! How many people have you invited and how many have replied “yes”

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Get Your Finances In Order – Interview with Derek Foster

Get Your Finances In Order – Interview with Derek Foster not only wants to help you plan your wedding with ease, we want you to have a successful and long lasting ‘Happily Ever After’. Finance-related tension in your marriage potentially raises the risk of divorce. If finances are such a big deal, then we want you to be prepared and start planning financial harmony between you and your spouse

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