4 wedding ceremony seating plans you’ll fall in love with

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Wedding ceremony seating ideas

Are you bored of the standard straight rows you see at every wedding you’ve attended? Do you want something creative and original for your own wedding’s ceremony seating? We have good news for you! We searched online and found 4 of the most unique (and surprisingly beautiful) alternative wedding ceremony plans and you are totally welcome to steal any idea that appeals to you!

Read on for the 4 wedding ceremony seating plans you’ll fall in love with:

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1. The semi-circle (horseshoe) seating plan
This amazing semicircle horseshoe shape is becoming more and more popular as a wedding ceremony seating plan. With the wedding isle gently leading towards the center of the horseshoe, it looks so intimate – as if your wedding guests are forming an imaginary group hug around you while you are experiencing the most precious moment of your life as a new family. An added bonus of this seating arrangement is that people at the end can have a better sight of the bride and groom. We simply love it!

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2. The square seating plan
If your wedding ceremony is taking place in a ceremony venue that just looks perfect for a square seating plan, go for it! By positioning your altar in the middle of the square you not only use the square space to the best advantage, but you also make sure no wedding guest will feel like they are less important and there are no back rows that seem so far away from the ceremony that you can barely hear the officiant speaking.

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3. The spiral seating plan
This unique wedding ceremony seating plan may be a bit confusing for wedding guests who are accustomed to the traditional straight rows ceremony seating plans. But once they are seated, they will soon forget all their concerns as they figure out this amazing seating plan allows each and every one of the wedding guests to have a first-class front row seat to you walking down the aisle!

Wedding ceremony seating ideas 4

4. The round seating tables plan
Are you having your ceremony and reception at the same venue? This alternative wedding seating plan is just for you! Make sure your guests feel comfortable by accommodating them at the beautifully arranged round tables around the altar. Once the wedding ceremony is over, this central space can easily turn into a dance floor. Now let the party begin!

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4 wedding ceremony seating plans you’ll fall in love with

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