5 common wedding catering mistakes to avoid

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5 common wedding catering mistakes to avoid

Choosing your wedding caterer is an easy task if you are prepared, just like choosing any other wedding vendor! When it comes to catering, though, you should be extra cautious as the food and drinks served at your wedding will live in your wedding guests’ memories long after the last bite of wedding cake has been eaten off the dessert plates.

To help you approach your perfect wedding caterer the right way, we’ve gathered 5 of the most common mistakes brides make when choosing wedding catering services:

  1. Not reading the small print

A lot of brides are disappointed when they receive their catering bill at the end of the wedding. You should know that this is not your caterer’s fault! Every couple should have in mind that except for the bid per wedding guest, there are additional charges and expenses that you are in charge of. Before you sign the dotted lines, make sure you have read the small print and you are well aware of any additional costs for extra services you want for your wedding that are not part of the standard catering offer.

  1. Hiring your caterer without researching them

Yes, we know you have a lot on your to-do wedding planning list but choosing a catering service for your wedding is not among the things you can do in haste or without any research. If you want your guests to be satisfied and raving about the food served at your wedding, you should not only Google the best catering services in your area but you should also reach out to other newlyweds who used your shortlisted caterers, arrange a tasting prior to signing a contract, etc.

  1. Trying to please each and every wedding guest

We know how easy it is to fall into the trap of trying to please EVERYONE at your wedding. Before you find yourself buried under heaps of food and drink requirements from wedding guests, make things clear, set the rules, and stand your ground. For example, preferences are given to people with allergies, there are vegetarian menus and gluten-free menus, etc. Just let your wedding guests know their options in advance and plan the meals accordingly.

  1. Opting for quantity instead of quality

We have all been at weddings with never-ending menus. Food keeps coming and coming and at a certain point, you start wondering whether you still have an inch of free space in your stomach for that piece of wedding cake that will be served sometime in the distant future. With food (as with almost anything, by the way), it is quality that matters. Don’t be afraid that your wedding guests will starve to death if they don’t receive a 16-course meal. Just opt for the best quality food you can afford and let your caterer do his magic.

  1. Neglecting the shortage issue

When thinking about your wedding caterer, always remember that anything is enough only if there’s extra of it left. What do we mean? Ask you caterer to be ready with a little extra of everything so you are sure your wedding guests (all of them) are well-fed, have enough beverages, and are generally served well. This means asking your wedding caterer to provide a few extra servings, refreshments or any other supplies whose shortage will mean a bad experience for some of your guests. It is also a good idea to secure a certain number of waiters depending on the number of your wedding guests so there are no unpleasant surprises on your big day.

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5 common wedding catering mistakes to avoid

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