Choosing the Right Church

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ID-1006442When you’re considering where you should hold your ceremony you might consider a church, which is traditional but not a necessity, unless it is meaningful to you. If you’re not a regular church goer and you decide to hold your ceremony in a particular church be prepared to speak directly with the minister/pastor/priest. You should have a list of questions you have in regards to your ceremony and the expectations of the church. You should confront any problems now and not a week before you say your vows.

There are some churches that might require you to attend their church for a period of time in order to be eligible to marry inside their sacred space. Other churches may require that you go through their church’s marriage counseling before saying your vows. In some cases the church in question might accept a gift or donation in order for you to wed in their chapel. In some cases you might have to convert to the specific church in order to be married there or by one of their officiants.

Should you be asked to do any of these or something different, remember that you are asking to use a sacred space for a deeply meaningful ceremony. And the church that you wish to use has certain expectations of those who wish to marry there. You’re probably not being treated any differently than any of their regular followers.

If you are thinking of marrying in a church with a specific look, try to get recommendations from people. Someone who has been there and done that will be able to tell you what to expect and how smoothly their function went. This is priceless information for you because the more satisfied customers means that you will most likely be satisfied too.

If you are deeply against conforming to any type of religious preparation before your marriage, then perhaps a church isn’t for you. You should research your local area and see what has been substituted for the chapel. Perhaps it’s a space in the town hall, a museum, a local garden, or another space that has meaning to you.

Remember that you shouldn’t do anything that doesn’t feel right to you or you won’t be able to enjoy your wedding day. Finding the right church isn’t like finding a needle in a hay stack, it just takes some time and energy, but at the end you’ll be happy that you put forth the effort.

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Choosing the Right Church

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