Gift Registry Returns

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ID-100236896When you start your registry you’re excited to do something with your fiance that feels like you’re really starting your life together, even if it’s as simple as choosing a flatware pattern, it still has depth and meaning for the two of you.

After you’ve completed making a number of gift registries you look forward to receiving the items and preparing your homestead. But what happens when you get multiples of the same items? You now get to return them to the store where they were purchased.

You might feel guilty about returning the itms, but remember, the person who bought that for you wants you to use it, so if you have one item you prefer over the others it’s okay to take back the one/s you won’t use and get something else. You can always put the money towards a bigger item you didn’t get, but still want.

So how should you go about this? First make sure that all your items you intend to return have the gift receipt with them, and if you can get a bag from the store where the items were purchased that would be optimal, but not necessary. Keep these bags out of sight and place in them only the items from those stores that you wish to take back with their receipts.

Once you’ve got your bag of returnables ready to go back to the store, take your bag in and go right up to the cashier and explain that you’re returning items and you have the receipts for the items. After that the cashier will take the bag and return the items and give you a gift card for the returned purchases if you’re not able to get the cash back from the returns.

Items without a receipt are harder to return, you will most likely have to do an exchange and take the last recorded value of the item, that means if it was on sale you will get back the sale price and not the retail value.

Always return items shortly after deciding not to keep them, the longer you keep them, the less likely you’ll be able to return them. Guilt stops many people form returning gifts, but how many pestles and mortars do you really need? The gifts came from the heart and were intended for you to use them, people will be more upset that you aren’t using the gift than that you returned it.

Most important is that you get what you need, house wares are not cheap and if you’re starting from scratch, returning items is better for you in the long run!

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Gift Registry Returns

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