How Simple can a Simple Wedding Be

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Simple Wedding“Simple” is a highly relative term, meaning something else to someone as it justly means something else to another.

When talking about weddings, a simple wedding tends to be often argued and debated about, with some convinced that a simple wedding entails six people with a priest, as others view simple weddings as wedding celebrations that don’t involve florists or decorators.

But as discussions on the details of “simple weddings” continue to prevail, many fail to consider that there is actually nothing simple about a wedding, given all the planning, preparation, and organizing a wedding entails.

An “elemental wedding” would be more apt in describing the overall nature of a no-fuss, least amount of planning required wedding.

The Essentials

When talking about “simple weddings”, weddings that are focused on the essentials of the ceremony tend to be the first thing that comes to mind.

At its core, a wedding ceremony is one which symbolizes the union of a bride and groom, which doesn’t necessarily require the presence of anyone else other than the two lovers and an officially sanctioned wedding officiator. But as a milestone in the bride and groom’s life, the company of friends and family is also required, making their presence in a “simple wedding” important.

Other than that, the wedding entourage, the flowers and décor, the wedding reception and catering are actually optional elements which the bride and groom can opt to plan for.

If you are keen on celebrating a “simple wedding”, focus on what really matters in wedding ceremonies. You really don’t have to have a grand reception or have someone like Sting perform in “simple wedding”, staying true to the real reason why you are gathered with your friends and family in celebrating your marriage.

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How Simple can a Simple Wedding Be

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