How To Make Your Out of Town Guests Feel Special

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How To Make Your Out of Town Guests Feel Special

With all the details you have to take care of around the wedding, it’s easy to forget that there will be wedding guests who will go to a lot of effort (plus some extra expenses) in order to share this special occasion with you. In most of the cases, out-of-town guests are also family members, so making them feel special using these simple tips will surely not go unnoticed.

A wedding itinerary
The most simple and yet most effective way to impress your out-of-town wedding guests is to provide them with a wedding itinerary. It can be an email that you’ll send them after they confirm they’ll attend the wedding or a simple website you’ll make with the main wedding events and details. Either way, they will thank you for making their life easier by providing details that will help them schedule their trips accordingly. You can also include some travel guide info as many of them will most probably incorporate attending your wedding into a small vacation.

A small gift of appreciation
So, your guests have finally arrived at the hotel and they enter the room. Surprise! There is a stylish small gift (perhaps wrapped in the wedding theme colors) waiting for them. What a nice gesture (and a brilliant way to make them feel part of the wedding right from the beginning of their visit)! It can be a gift basket with some maps, the wedding itinerary, some fresh fruit and a personal thank you note from the bride and groom. Set your imagination free – just remember: the more personal you make it, the greater impact it will have on your out-of-town guests.

Your schedule may be full (you have the leading role, after all), but your out-of-town guests will most probably have some free time they won’t know how to spend, given the fact that they are in a place they don’t know. It’s a great idea to reserve a nice restaurant for the evening before the wedding (as most out-of-towners will arrive the day before the wedding). This way you will both make them feel at home and help them get to know other out-of-town guests before the big day.

Even though it will be hard to personally thank each one of your out-of-town guests, be sure to at least express your appreciation towards those who have come afar to celebrate this special day with you in your wedding toast. This will mean the world to them!

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How To Make Your Out of Town Guests Feel Special

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