Ideas for Amazing Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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Thinking of great wedding reception centerpieces?  You’re at the right place.


Centerpieces at wedding receptions create the mood and theme of the wedding.  That’s the reason why having the right centerpiece on your reception tables should take your time and a portion of your wedding budget.


There are different wedding reception centerpieces you can choose from.  Here are some ideas for amazing centerpieces:


Her Wedding PlannerFlower Centerpieces

The most common centerpiece is the flowers.  Modern presentations include combining flowers with fruits, putting them on vintage bottles and combining other kinds of flowers with various colors.













Her Wedding PlannerCandle Centerpieces

Candles are great alternative for flowers on the reception tables.  They give the same warmth and comfort to your wedding gifts.  With their different colors and sizes, they can give you unlimited ways to display them on your reception.










Her Wedding Planner

Fruits or Vegetable Centerpieces

Another alternative twist for your reception centerpieces are fruits or vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables are bright and colorful.  They are great reception centerpieces for fall weddings, garden weddings or spring weddings.






Her Wedding PlannerTree Centerpieces

Trees are great centerpieces for wedding receptions.  They represent the idea of “family tree” of the bride and groom and which the newlywed couple will start anew.














Her Wedding PlannerUnique Centerpieces

Brides and wedding planners are getting more creative these days.  There are unique centerpieces you can have on your wedding reception such as peacock, wheat, vase and antler centerpieces.









There are other wedding reception centerpieces you can check out or even do yourself.  Look at wedding planning websites or ask your wedding planner for more ideas.

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Ideas for Amazing Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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