Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting Out-of-town Guests

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Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting Out of Town guests

Hosting out-of-town guests is not as easy as it seems at first sight. There are, however, some mistakes, that almost every bride makes. That’s why we’ve gathered here the most common mistakes you can make when hosting out-of-towners. Read them carefully and make notes – if you manage to avoid these mistakes, your out-of-town guests will thank you. And you can then thank us!

Look out for the following:

Skipping the welcome party
This is a major mistake (and yet it’s among the most commonly made ones). You might think that there’s not a big of a difference, but a welcome party for your out-of-town guests will actually help them get together, grab a meal (as they are probably not familiar with the place they’ve just arrived at), and get a chance to meet you before the big day. Use this time to answer any questions they may have as they are the ones that will need the biggest assistance getting around.

Scheduling too many events
Don’t forget that your out-of-town guests are planning to combine your special day with a mini vacation, so booking (almost) all of their time is not a good idea. You wouldn’t want to spend all your time running back and forth to your hotel room to change clothes when you are eager to get to know a new place, would you?

Not updating your wedding website
Whether it is a new event or just a quick note on a small change that’s taken place at the last minute, be sure to keep your wedding website updated. Remember that it is the number one go-to place for your out-of-town guests when looking for information about the wedding.

Not sending the wedding invitations on time
Always have in mind that your out-of-town guests have to make a lot more appointments and schedule their time much more in advance compared to the rest of your wedding guests in order to attend to your special day. Pay them tribute by sending them their wedding invitations at least a couple of months in advance – this will help them book a cheaper flight/more easily arrange their schedule, etc.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Hosting Out-of-town Guests

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