Out-of-town Wedding Invitations Etiquette

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You know what they say, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Don’t fall in the category of wishful thinking by carefully planning all details around your out-of-town guests so that both they and you will feel at ease on the most important day of your life.

Here are some useful tips on the etiquette you should follow when preparing the details around the wedding invitations for your out-of-town guests:

Save-the-date notice
Make sure your out-of-town guests receive your save-the-date notice as soon as you book the place (and know the time) of your wedding. In this case “the sooner – the better” should be your guiding line – whether it is 6 or even 12 months in advance, your out-of-town guests will appreciate it. It can be a simple note, a letter, an email, or a card (the choice is really up to you). What’s important is that you should include your wedding date and location there, so that your out-of-town guests can have plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements in order to attend to your wedding.

Wedding invitation
Again, when sending out your wedding invitations, always consider your out-of-town guests – some people will actually wait to receive the proper invitation before they book a flight (or arrange their journey by car/bus, etc). Having this in mind, go the extra mile (as your out-of-towners will literally do) and send their invitations at least 3-4 months before the big day. This will give them enough time to feel comfortable and well taken care of.

Wedding website
Investing a little extra in a wedding website may actually save you some money (and lots of time). For the purpose of out-of-town wedding guests, you can add an “out-of-town guests” section with valuable information like:
• A map with directions
• Accommodation details
• Wedding schedule and activities
• Restaurants/pubs/shops close to the hotel you’ve reserved
• Popular sights and tourist attractions

These little gestures would mean the world to those who would have to travel (sometimes most of it) to see you on your wedding day.

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Out-of-town Wedding Invitations Etiquette

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