Reserving Hotel Rooms for Your Out-of-town Guests

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Reserving Hotel Rooms For Your Out Of Town Guests - Копие

These days it is not absolutely necessary to take care of reserving hotel rooms for your out-of-town wedding guests (it was certainly a necessity back in the days when there was no Internet and out-of-towners didn’t have any information about hotels in your area).

Nevertheless, we believe it is the least you can do for them as they are the ones that will have to spend much more money (compared to local wedding guests) and make many more arrangements in order to attend your wedding.

So, here are our tips on how to make the most out of reserving hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests:

A courtesy room block
Contrary to what most people think, reserving a block of hotel rooms doesn’t have to cost you a fortune as a deposit plus the responsibility to pay for the unused rooms. Most hotels offer “a courtesy room block”, which basically means that you can reserve a block of rooms (usually 10 rooms at a time) without paying a deposit and without worrying about any unused rooms. As soon as (most of) these 10 rooms are reserved by your guests, you can always request 10 more. A bonus for the guests is that they will (in most cases) even receive a discount!

What about single guests?
In order to save your single guests some money, you can prepare an email and send it to all your single guests, asking them if they mind sharing a room with another single wedding guest. After you get the first responses, you can just simply pair your single guests up and cut their lodging expenses off!

The cut-off date
All hotels require that your guests make their official reservations for the rooms reserved by you by a certain date (after which you lose the unreserved rooms plus any discount they might account for). So, it is very important to promptly inform all your out-of-town guests about the cut-off date you got from the hotel. You can send them an email, or include it in your wedding website.

A little bit of planning and resourcefulness is all it takes to make your out-of-town guests feel welcome and well taken care of. They will surely be grateful!

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