Spring/Summer Wedding Trends 2015

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Spring and summer are the most preferred seasons when it comes to envisioning the perfect wedding – it is warm, sunny, the days are long and precious, and the nights are starry and full of dreams…

Are you among those who have chosen a spring or summer wedding? Here are the top spring/summer wedding trends for 2015:

Pastel tones
It is spring that shows us life may be colored in the most elegant and classy pastel tones. Natural, velvety, and soft, pastel tones are a great choice for you, if you are not a fan of monotony. They can be gracefully mixed and matched in the bridesmaids’ gowns, as they look beautiful together (just like the colors of early spring flowers). A bonus: your bridesmaids will be thrilled to find out you’ve given them the freedom to choose their own gown’s colors!

Blossom like a rose
While white and ivory still remain the go-to colors for a wedding dress for those who embrace tradition or are not into fashion and trends, we offer those of you who like being trendy a bold decision: go rose! Just like the delicate rose blossoming on sunny fields, soft pastel pinks will make you look like the queen of flowers…

It’s never too late to show the world you care. Whether it is your wedding decoration, the materials you use, the food that will be served, or the wedding location, going eco is always a great choice both for you and for the planet. In 2015 it’s trendy for sure, and we sincerely hope it will be as trendy for many years to come!

Boho style
What we love the most in the Boho style is its effortless and eternal beauty. Feminine, stylish, glamorous – it’s everything you’ve dreamt about… You can easily incorporate it in almost every aspect of the wedding – bridal gowns, accessories, wedding cakes, invitations, you name it!

The color of 2015 – Marsala
We are sure you’ve heard of it – the deep reddish-purplish color wearing the intoxicating name of the wine that it’s named after. You can beautifully incorporate it in a color scheme of pastels and roses, but it also goes very well with 50 shades of grey… It’s a rather flattering color that has the power to gracefully accentuate your makeup, your bridesmaids’ gowns, your bouquet, etc. Just open a bottle of Marsala and set your imagination free!

What’s your favorite trend for the spring/summer season this year?

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Spring/Summer Wedding Trends 2015

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