The new wedding cake mania – Geode Wedding Cakes!

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Is it already time to say goodbye to the traditional buttercream-frosted white wedding cake? The Internet says “Yes”!

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Have you heard about the new wedding cake mania called “Geode Wedding Cake”? It’s a trend that was started by the Craftsy instructor Rachael Teufel and has been trending online ever since she created her original amethyst cake for an event celebrating the launch of First Look Events, a boutique planning company owned by Brynn Swanson.

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The inspiration behind her cake was an amethyst geode she was given plus the freedom to get as creative as she wants. She surely put her creativity to action to make a show-stopping cake that was not only an awe-inspiring visual experience but also 100% edible!

How did she create it? Here’s what she shares, “As someone who loves to experiment with new concepts, I started to play with sugar crystals to see what I could come up with. Sugar crystals are certainly nothing new, but it’s been fun trying to find different ways to use them. The geode is made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy that was then crafted with multicolored modeling chocolate. It’s all completely edible.”

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Ever since her geode wedding cake went viral, more and more wedding cake bakeries are trying their hand at these amazing three-dimensional geode cakes. Have a look!

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The new wedding cake mania – Geode Wedding Cakes!

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