Tips in Choosing your Wedding Songs

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Have you chosen your wedding songs?  Most brides don’t consider this important and will just regard this as an afterthought.  But wedding songs are significant.

Wedding songs should be meaningful both to you and your partner.  They resemble the good times and the bad times you had.  They can make the childhood memories with your parents come back.

You can choose whether you want classical, 20th century music or contemporary music for your wedding songs.  You can also mix your songs coming from these different music genres whichever describe you and your partner’s personalities.


Her Wedding PlannerClassical Music

This genre refers to the music created by Beethoven, Vivaldi and other classical music composers.  The movie “Wedding Crashers” starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaugh played “Horn Concerto No. 4 in E Flat Minor” by Wolfgang Mozart.






Her Wedding Planner20th Century Music

This genre is distinct by the dramatic changes in music.  “My Best Friend’s Wedding” starring Julia Roberts played a 20th century music “Praise the Name of the Lord” by Sergei Rachmaninoff during the processional.









Her Wedding PlannerContemporary Music

This is the most popular genre chosen by couples.  This is because contemporary music is the music of the “now”.  One of the most popular songs for weddings is “Dream” by Priscilla Ahn.  It was sung as a processional song in the wedding movie “Bride Wars” starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway.











It is important that you and your partner agree with each other what songs to play during the wedding.  To make it easy for you, listen to songs together and narrow down your choices.  Enjoy song-picking!

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Tips in Choosing your Wedding Songs

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