Wedding Invitation Tips

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Wedding Invitation Tips
So, you are going through your wedding to-do list and you come upon the “Invitations” bullet. Somehow you’ve managed to avoid this bullet for the past few times you went through the list.

Why is that?

Are you one of the many brides-to-be that find it confusing and overwhelming to make such an important decision on something that is so closely connected with the wedding theme and that will leave the fist impression of the wedding style in all guests?

We got you covered! Here are some priceless tips and advice that will make the decision easier to make:

Make sure to first decide what your wedding style will be. Then browse through the hundreds (even thousands) of images of wedding invitations and download the ones that appeal the most to you to show them to your wedding agency or stationer, so that they will get the right idea of what you want.

Having a lot to do with the wedding theme, the colors you choose for your wedding dress, the menu cards, the tables’ arrangements, etc, should be consistent with the colors for your wedding invitations as well.

Have in mind the main purpose of the invitations – that is to inform. Make sure you use a readable font in a relatively big size and stay away from pastel tones when it comes to the text as they are almost impossible to read.

No matter how beautiful your invitations are and how gracefully they are incorporated in your wedding theme, if you let a misspelled word sneak in the stylish design of your wedding invitation, you have lost its grace forever. Even worse – if a date or time is misprinted, you may end up sending your invitations twice, meanwhile dealing with the awkward family and friends’ remarks. Don’t let that happen to you!

A huge mistake many brides make is count the invitations they’ll need based on the number of guests instead of the number of couples/households that are invited. If you do the math correctly before you place the order, it will save you a good part of your wedding budget. Have in mind, however, that you can always damage some of the invitations while preparing them to be posted or you may need to invite a new guest at the last minute, so order a few extra invitations. Just in case.

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Wedding Invitation Tips

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