Wedding Invitation Trends 2015

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Are you a traditionalist or a trend-follower? Either way, planning for your big day inevitably includes the best of both worlds (in different proportions). Here are some wedding invitation trends that will be popular in 2015 – in case you are lost in the innumerable choices available, feel free to get inspired by what’s popular this year:

As traditional weddings become more and more popular these days, it is normal that we see nature finding its way in the wedding garments, wedding themes and wedding invitation trends. If you want to invite nature to your wedding as well, add beautiful sceneries, wild flowers and even animals to your wedding invitations for a 21st century call of nature!

Bold colors
For the contemporary bride it is all about standing out from the crowd. What a better way to do it than a pop of color on your wedding invitations? If you are a fan of bold palettes and deep colors, why not implement your unique personal style to your wedding as well?

Artworks and illustrations
When it comes to wedding invitations, it is all about the bride and groom and their personal touch. Whether it will be the classic cake topper couple or a modern interpretation (using symbolism or a metaphor) of the newly weds, an illustration will remain one of the most often ordered wedding invitation variants this year.

Partly handwritten letters
While it may be too pricey to order custom stationary or typography, you can always add a personal touch to your wedding invitations by hand lettering the important parts. It is up to you whether you’ll decide to do it yourself or trust the professionals – in any case, your guests will be both flattered and impressed.

Rustic inspiration
Are you a fan of simplicity, pastel hues, vintage elements and beautiful handwriting fonts? Then you should definitely go for the rustic feel of your wedding invitations – you’ll be trendy as well!

No matter what style you will choose for your wedding invitations, you can’t make the wrong choice if you listen to your inner voice!

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