What Does the Color of Your Wedding Theme Say About You

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We all have a favorite color and it is no wonder that your favorite color reveals a lot about your personality and the way you perceive yourself and those around you. Choosing a color for your wedding theme is actually a decision you make on a subconscious level and it has a lot to do with the way you picture your future marriage.

Here’s a list of 4 of the most commonly used wedding theme colors and their meaning:

White is the color of innocence. Comforting and peaceful, it is the epitome of perfection. It is clean, pure, and romantic. Just like a blank sheet of paper, white lets you write your own fairytale on it (perhaps with a white feather as well), setting your imagination free.

If you’ve chosen white for your wedding theme accent, you see your marriage as something untouched and innocent – a new beginning for you and your spouse. White-lovers are perfectionists – you won’t let the “married” badge erase your independence and self-reliance.

Red is the color of passion. The warmest among all colors, the exciting red will bring a lot of positive energy and action to your special day. The red color has the reputation of never going unnoticed – what a great asset for the most attention-privileged day in your life!

Choosing red as your wedding theme color reveals that you are an extrovert that loves being the center of attention – your guests will enjoy a wedding full of action, stimulating all their senses – there will be a lot of dancing, singing, great food, and it will be a great visual experience for everyone.

Yellow is the color of happiness. Uplifting and welcoming, yellow will create a great, kissed by the sun, mood for your wedding.

If you’ve chosen yellow as a wedding theme, it shows that you are creative, emotional, and possess a great sense of humor – these are all qualities your husband will be grateful for in the married life that’s awaiting you.

Blue is the color of tranquility. Calming to all the senses and loved by people from all over the world, the relaxing blue color will guarantee you a peaceful wedding with no unexpected obstacles along the way.

If you are a fan of the color blue, your husband will be happily feeling at ease with you as you will be devoted to your marriage and it will be based on trust, loyalty, and harmony.

What’s your wedding theme color? What do you think it says about your personality?

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What Does the Color of Your Wedding Theme Say About You

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