3 stupid mistakes that will totally ruin your surprise honeymoon (and how to avoid them)

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3 stupid mistakes that will totally ruin your surprise honeymoon (and how to avoid them)

Honeymoon planning is often neglected as the couple bride already has a lot of planning to do for the actual wedding day and the honeymoon somehow gets moved all the way down to the end of the to-do list of wedding planning.

After years of dating and possibly a long period of living together before getting married, though, it is really nice to go the extra mile and arrange a surprise honeymoon for your future spouse. It feels great to plan something so big behind the groom’s back and hand him the plane tickets just when he least expects it!

If you are planning a secret honeymoon for your future husband, read on for the 3 most stupid mistakes that will totally ruin your surprise honeymoon and make sure you avoid them at all cost!

Mistake #1 Tailoring the honeymoon to suit YOUR needs

If there’s anything that guarantees you a surprise honeymoon failure, that’s thinking about where YOU would like to go and what YOU would like to do there. Unless you both have the same taste in travelling (which is rarely the case), if you are planning a surprise honeymoon, make sure the groom will fall in love with your choice. Now is not the time to fulfill a travel dream you’ve had for ages – it is all about making his travel dreams come true. If you do it right, he will be so grateful that your travel longings will occupy his mind soon after you’re back home.

Mistake #2 Forgetting to check the boring (and easy to neglect) details

So, you’ve chosen the travel destination that will blow his mind and you’ve arranged a plethora of activities that will certainly win you the title “coolest wife ever”! You’re so on cloud number 9 that you go into raptures over booking flights and hotels and you think you are the best honeymoon planner ever. Here are a few questions you should have the answer to, though, before pouring yourself a glass of wine and sighing with relief that your job is done:

  • Do you need visas for the honeymoon destination you’ve chosen?
  • Are both your and his passports updated and valid for at least six months after the date of the surprise trip?
  • Do you need to get some country-specific vaccine shots?
  • Is your choice of dates conformed to the groom’s work schedule?

Mistake #3 Keeping the surprise for too long

We know that after you’ve diligently planned everything, there comes a period of time between the end of your surprise honeymoon planning efforts are over and the actual date that’s printed on the boarding passes. We also know that it is extremely hard (read, impossible) to keep the secret to yourself for any period longer than 20-30 minutes (depending on your secret-keeping tolerance). Feel free to release the tension and share the news with your girlfriends, family members that you are sure can keep secrets and even your hairdresser. What’s important, though, is to make sure you reveal your secret to the groom at least a couple of days (better, a week) before the take-off. Why? He may need a haircut, a new beach towel or some final work arrangements to be done a few days prior to the honeymoon escape.

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3 stupid mistakes that will totally ruin your surprise honeymoon (and how to avoid them)

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