5 easy ways to an ethical engagement ring

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Choosing an ethical engagement ring

Are you committed to a more sustainable and fair-trade shopping and would like to apply this to when you’re buying an ethical engagement ring as well?

Below are 5 tips on how to support fair trade and ethical ways to acquiring an engagement ring.


1. Ethical jewelers

Luckily, jewelers have started thinking about how to impress their clients with fair trade and ethical jewelry. They only resell conflict-free stones and many precious metals are being frequently recycled and used for making new rings. Companies also avoid cooperation with suppliers that deal with international mining dealers, which can be destructive to the environment and exploit local communities.

And the most conscious of the jewelry shops even make sure that the packaging is made from environmentally friendly materials.

With some research, it’s easy to find an ethical jewelry shop in your town or online!


2. Conflict free diamonds

Diamonds have been the most sought after engagement ring stones for decades, albeit the most conflicting because of the questionable ways they used to be gained. Hence, jewelers have started to think about different approaches in dealing with these precious stones. There’s no need to stop using diamonds. But rather, start making sure that the stones you buy come from fair-trade and conflict-free sources instead.

There’s an existing certification system, called the Kimberley Process that prevents conflict diamonds from entering the legal diamond market. So, only diamonds with a certificate from the government, which provides a guarantee, that the diamonds come from a conflict-free source, can be sold and resold. But the black market still exists. So, when buying a diamond ring, make sure it comes with this certificate!


3. Choose a less controversial stone

Even though the diamond has become the emblem of an engagement ring, it doesn’t necessarily have to be part of YOUR engagement ring setting. It is your ring and you can always choose a different precious stone. This, of course, goes hand in hand with your loved one’s style. You have to choose the shape, color, and stone that fit their personality. Besides, choosing a more individual stone will stand out and be even more personal and touching. And you won’t have to worry as much about the (un)fair trade behind it.


4. Shop vintage

One way of being sustainable and avoiding going through all those rings and overthinking it is buying vintage. Sometimes, the perfect ring has been made decades ago!

If you find an old ring in an antique shop and it looks like the perfect fit for your partner, why not go ahead and buying it. You will save a lot of resources that would get used on making a new one. And finding the perfect fit in a classy antique shop adds the romantic charm to the engagement, don’t you think?

And sometimes, you don’t even have to go to an antique shop, as the perfect precious fit might be closer than you think:


5. Family heritage

A piece of jewelry can bring back many happy memories. If you are lucky enough to be passed down a ring that runs in your family AND fits your partner, embrace the beautiful gesture. Think about all the happy moments it stands for and about all the new anecdotes it will stand for, once you’ve created them with your loved one!

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