6 Beauty tips for your wedding day

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Beauty tips for your wedding day

It’s no surprise that after months of wedding planning and preparation, a lot of brides overlook some important beauty rituals that should take place on the day of their weddings. To help you look you best on the big day, we’ve listed some wedding day musts for your beauty routine:

1. Put the shampoo and conditioner away
Beauty experts say that you should wash your hair with shampoo and put conditioner the night before the wedding and just rinse your hair with water on your wedding day. This will help the natural hair oils nourish your hair, helping you keep your hairstyle in place the whole day and giving your hair a healthy shine.

2. Bobby pins should be your best friends
Your wedding day beauty may depend on something so small (yet, so easy to overlook and forget) like bobby pins. Have a few of them in your purse (or ask your maid of honor to carry them in hers) and be ready to tame any flyaway strand and keep it where it is supposed to be. Needless to say, you should use bobby pins in a color that is close to your hair color and it’s best if you ask your hairdresser for a few extra pins while you are getting your hair done.

3. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen under your makeup
There’s nothing that can ruin your flawless makeup (and your wedding experience) easier than a long photo session in the sun, followed by your endless efforts to calm your reddish skin and prevent it from turning your flawless complexion to a salmon-shaded disaster (mission impossible).

4. Bring a cotton swab with some moisturizer
Beauty queens already know this trick – you can easily dab a few cotton swabs in moisturizer at home and bring them neatly folded in a ziplock in your purse. They will come in handy for those (inevitable) moments when the overpowering emotions win the battle with your waterproof mascara – just run gently under the eyes and say goodbye to smeared makeup that can potentially ruin your wedding pictures.

5. Keep your mirror close for regular beauty checks
Whether it is your smeared lipstick (God forbid) or just an hourly shine check, your mirror comes to your rescue. A bonus tip: use a pressed powder that comes with a mirror instead and you’re all set to a shine-free and smudge-free makeup that will help you glow in your best light on the big day!

6. Use eye drops!
This is a trick that not many brides have thought of, but it’s so effective that we couldn’t miss it. A restless night before the wedding, combined with stress, traveling, intense family talks, tears and a few glasses of Champaign may really bring a shade of tiredness to your eyes. To make them look rested and radiant again, apply a drop or two from your favorite eye drops and your wedding pictures will catch nothing else than your flawless crowning glory!

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6 Beauty tips for your wedding day

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