Bridal beauty preparation guide

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Bridal beauty preparation

Your big day is coming up and since you will be standing in the spotlight, you want to look and feel your best, right? There’s a lot of stress related to wedding planning and preparation, so you need to make sure to release it in order for it not to show on your face when everyone is looking at you.

Here is a bridal beauty preparation guide to make you look stunning and stress-free when you say yes!



Keep your hair neatly trimmed months before your wedding. Use hair masks – whether getting it done in the salon or making DIY ones at home. Vitamins and nutrition will make your hair shine on your wedding day!



Regularly get a facial deep cleansing to properly cleanse your skin and make it shine for your wedding day. If you’re having skin problems, start visiting a dermatologist sooner rather than later. Professional advice and creams can make wonders for your problem areas and an expert will be able to guide you best.

Try to get enough sleep in order to get rid of the bags under your eyes. Eye cream, cold compresses and avoiding salty food will help you get rid of the puffiness as well.


Arms, legs, and neckline

Make sure to exfoliate properly and take care of the skin on these parts of your body. Parts of your upper body will probably show in your wedding dress, so make the skin feel and look beautiful. Your legs might be covered by your wedding gown, but that’s not a reason to neglect them. After all, you will walk down the aisle more confidently with a smooth feeling on your skin.



You will be standing for long hours and walking up and down preparing for the wedding. Make sure your feet are ready for the long hours. A foot massage will let your feet feel great and refreshed and a pedicure will let them look glamorous and your toenails will shine in colors of your choice!


Physical activity

It is important to keep your body fit. Not just to make that dress look amazing, but for the sake of a sound mind in a sound body as well. Keeping fit will help you get rid of stress, make you look fresher and keep you healthy.

If you’re not a sports enthusiast, take this as a challenge and try to become one. You can take on jogging, hit the gym or start attending yoga classes in your local park. It will all be for your own good with the side effect of you bedazzling the audience on your personal D-day. Once you get fit you will thank yourself for going that extra mile!



Do something for yourself in order to release stress and forget about the wedding planning. Go for a massage you’ve never tried before, take a meditation class or start practicing mindfulness.

Being able to calm yourself down while going through the wedding preparation stress will do wonders for your skin and state of mind.



Your wedding day is the perfect target to set for a dietary cleanse. What you eat and drink will also determine your appearance on your big day. This is the perfect time to clear your body of junk food, cigarettes, and alcohol. Your wedding day (let alone long-term future) self will thank you for it!

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Bridal beauty preparation guide

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