Choosing Your Wedding Officiant – Tips and Advice

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Choosing Your Wedding Officiant – Tips And AdviceWith all the details you have to take care of during your wedding planning, it is easy to overlook something (as easy as it seems at first sight) like choosing your wedding officiant. This, however, is a task that should be treated with priority due to so many reasons we are about to reveal to you.

As important as the style of your wedding, your wedding dress or your wedding venue may be, the wedding ceremony still remains the focal point of any wedding. And the wedding ceremony involves just 3 people – you, your future husband, and the wedding officiant. So, we have gathered for you some priceless tips and advice that will help you find the perfect wedding officiant for your special day:

Take your time
Do not assume that all officiants are just waiting for you to call them and arrange the details around your wedding. The truth is that many officiants (especially the good ones) are booked in advance, so you should take care of this part of the wedding planning ahead of time (especially if there is a particular officiant you would like to use).

Choose wisely
Given the fact that the wedding ceremony is the icing on the cake of your wedding (and perhaps the most moving and memorable part of the whole day), you should choose your wedding officiant wisely. Whether it is a professional officiant or minister or a close friend (or family member), who has completed an online course in the art of performing a wedding, you should take into consideration any details that you may find important for the perfect wedding ceremony. Do not be shy and talk to your shortlisted choices, ask questions till you feel in your heart who will be the right person to perform your dreamt of wedding ceremony.

Don’t be afraid to say no
You may find it surprising, but the wedding officiant is just as important for the overall atmosphere of your wedding as the wedding venue! Even if a family member has the skills and the willingness to perform your wedding ceremony, feel free to politely reject an offer that would make you feel uncomfortable or uncertain on the most important day of your life.

With today’s online sea of information, it is almost considered a crime to not look up your chosen officiant’s background, references, etc. It is also a great idea to ask for video materials or attend a wedding ceremony they are performing (if appropriate). The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to make the right decision.

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Choosing Your Wedding Officiant – Tips and Advice

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