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Engaged?  What wonderful news!  Are you starting to plan on what your wedding would look like?  So when is the date?  When you choose the perfect date, the best thing to consider is your personality.  Some would choose a winter wedding or a spring wedding.  But if you’re the fun, spirited type, a summer wedding is the best for you.

What’s the best in having your wedding on a summer?

The Weather.  The weather during summer is the best one since it hardly rains.  Therefore, you can celebrate your wedding or your reception outdoors.  You can also wear any appropriate design and material for your wedding gown.  Your guests are also likely to be available.

The Food.  Fruits are cheaper during summer.  Thus, it gives more variety in your menu choices without worrying on your budget.

The Honeymoon Venue.  On summer, there are a lot of places to choose from for your honeymoon.  You can go to a beach resort, the mountains or you don’t need to travel far at all.  The honeymoon ideas are wide that newly-wed couples can explore.

Summer weddings are always bright and have a sunny aura on it.  That is why it is the most popular season for weddings.  One of the drawbacks in having your wedding on a summer day is its popularity.  Since many prefers this season, competition in getting the reservations first is high.

So, if you are planning to have a summer wedding, start looking for your perfect venues and activities and get your reservations now!

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Engaged? What wonderful news!

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