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1It’s very rare to live in the same city you grew up in these days, which can make the decision of where to get married difficult. Especially if your family is an hour away and his family is on the coast! With this decision looming, how do you go about deciding where to hold your nuptials? There are a number of ways to tackle this question, and it mainly has to do with the outcome of the location discussion with your significant other.

You have to discuss with your spouse where they prefer to get married. If you’re lucky, your spouse won’t care, just as long as you say, “I do.” But this is a serious issue because it will have to be considered in your financial situation when you begin making your wedding budget. Some cities will have cheaper rentals, accommodations, flowers, photographers, you name it. However, just because those things are cheaper, doesn’t mean you should necessarily get married there. Here are a few options to make it easier.

Stay in Your Current City
If you do this, then everybody’s family will have to travel to the wedding destination. Not to mention you’ll be in your element, have easy access to every vendor you plan to use, and be able to feel that it’s fair for everyone.

Choose the Parents of the Bride’s City
Some people might think that the bride’s family have the right to host the wedding in their city. But I would say this is true only if they are kicking in most of the money. Those who are paying the most for the occasion should have the final say. Other than that, the groom would have to say that he doesn’t mind getting married in his future in-laws city. And this way, your mother can help you arrange wedding vendors.

Choose the Parents of the Groom’s City
If the bride doesn’t mind then go ahead and plan that wedding. Again if the groom’s parents are footing the majority of the bill it would only be fair to suggest getting married there, unless the groom’s parents don’t mind you being married elsewhere. But it’s always polite to acknowledge the financial help you’re receiving.

Destination Wedding
Maybe you’ve decided that traditional weddings aren’t your style and you’d rather have a small group of people come away with you than get married in front a church full of guests. In this case I suggest getting a wedding planner who specializes in destination wedding planning. It will take the worry and anxiety out of the picture.

Whatever you choose to do, feel safe in the knowledge that your family will support and help you anyway they can, no matter where you choose to get married.

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Location, Location, Location

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