The 5 most inspiring ways to surprise your bride/groom

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The 5 most inspiring ways to surprise your bride or groom

The wedding is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Given the fact that it also features your most loved person, it’s only natural to try and make this day as special as possible for both of you. One great way to achieve this is to think of some inventive ways to surprise your better half using our inspiring suggestions:

1. Engrave their wedding ring with a surprise message
They will be aware of the fact that the wedding rings will be engraved, but you can take this tradition one step further by asking the jeweler to engrave an additional message inside the bride’s (or groom’s) wedding ring that they shouldn’t know about until the wedding day. Possible messages that will melt their heart may include the sweet name you are calling them or a short verse of their (or your) favorite love poem.

2. Sneak in some alone time right after the vows
When the wedding ceremony is over, you have the cocktail hour planned for your wedding guests. What about your newlywed spouse? Use this time to create memorable private moments by planning a special private surprise for your beloved one. Your options are countless: you can choose from a special ride (on a horse or a boat, or an old convertible car) to a casual walk in a garden with blossoming flowers and pigeons drinking water from fountains to dropping at your favorite coffee house, wedding gown and all! The only rule is to think from your spouse’s point of view and opt for something that you will both enjoy.

3. Write a secret love note (or more)
A secret love note is always a welcome surprise! You can ask a friend (preferably a wedding party member) to help you with this one and hand a little love note to your future spouse during different stages of the wedding day fiasco. Or, you can use technology and text your beloved one with previously prepared digital pieces of sweetness that will undoubtedly make the love of your life feel the most special person in the entire world…

4. Prepare a choreographed dance
One of the funniest ways to surprise your better half is to perform a previously rehearsed choreographed dance right there, in front of your wedding guests. Just remember to ask a friend to catch everything on their smartphone, so you’ll have plenty of YouTube material to use after the wedding is over. Who knows, your dance might even go viral and make you an Internet star!

5. Plan a surprise band appearance
You must have heard of the original idea Maroon 5 realized when shooting the video to their hit “Sugar”. Basically, the band crashed every wedding taking place (over a full three-day weekend) in Los Angeles at venues from Glendale to Marina del Rey. In all cases, the groom knew about the surprise and the result is melting our hearts every time we see the video… Let’s see if you can watch it without shedding a tear!
Similarly to Maroon 5’s idea, you can hire your spouse’s favorite band or performer and surprise them with a wedding appearance and performance they will never forget!

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The 5 most inspiring ways to surprise your bride/groom

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