Trendy vs. Traditional Wedding Theme

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Set to begin the plan for your Big Day?  Before setting yourself on the things you need to buy for your wedding, I suggest that to be able to narrow down your options, read this article and know more about two major themes for weddings.  Would you proceed with a traditional wedding or go with a trendy one? Her Wedding Planner

If you are the kind of bride-to-be that finds wearing a blue wedding gown instead of white or a dessert table is closer to your heart rather than a three-layered cake, then you are a trendy bride rather than traditional.

Here is a list of some exciting yet more traditional wedding theme:


Wedding Gown

Traditional wedding gowns are white in color and with or without your color-motif accent.


Wedding Cake

Tiered Classic Wedding Cake, floral cakes, piped wedding cakes or cakes with embroidered laces or accented with your favorite flower on top or motif-colored ribbon


Wedding Church/Receptions

Churches, garden weddings, lodges, or hotels and restaurants fall to the traditional wedding category


Aside from wearing blue wedding gowns and a variety of desserts rather than a single wedding cake, below is a list of a more trendy wedding theme:

Wedding Gowns

Colored wedding gowns debunk the virginal white wedding dress.


Wedding Cake

Stenciled Monogrammed Cakes, architecture-inspired, frozen-treat or miniature wedding cakes


Wedding Church/Receptions

Winter wedding on skis or a scuba diving ceremony, mostly trendy means outdoor.


There’s no harm whether you are a traditional bride-to-be or the trendy one.  What is most important is that your wedding reflects what you and your groom-to-be are as a couple.

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Trendy vs. Traditional Wedding Theme

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